Enjoy a Flower Farm reared turkey this Christmas.

As fourth generation turkey farmers, we’ve been rearing poultry the old fashioned way for more than 70 years, and as a result, we offer something very special for the most important meal of the year.

Our turkey hatchlings are raised from day one on our farm – which means we know that they have been well looked after and cared for, making the finest and best quality turkey meat.

Whole Turkey

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To enjoy the full flavour that a Flower Farm turkey has to offer we thoroughly recommend cooking a whole bird; as well as giving your table that traditional look you’ll also find that the bones provide much of the great flavour during the cooking process (and don’t worry – cooking instructions are included!)

Half Turkey

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Our specially developed ‘Half Turkey’ has been created to provide the complete flavour of a full bird, in a smaller portion, that still looks great on the table! It is cut with one side removed, but with all the breast bone from both sides included. It’s easy to cook, and fits into smaller ovens – a new winner for Christmas dinner!

Specially Prepared Turkeys

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Other poultry, beef, lamb and pork…

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Don’t forget to add the vegetables, trimmings and pudding! – See our Fruit & Veg and Trimmings, Puddings & Treats pages for the complete Christmas dinner package!